Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Surveys

OHSS’s services include both Management Asbestos Survey and Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey and all are carried out in accordance with  the guidelines stipulated in the HSG 264 and HSG 248.

The  Management Asbestos Survey (MAS) is the basic survey, which will confirm, identify and localise the presence of asbestos materials through sampling and analysis. This type of survey will determine these materials’ condition and how likely they are to be disturbed and to spread fibres in the air. Following this analysis, we’ll provide a report containing all materials that contain asbestos and a priority list with those that are likely to release airborne fibres. Asbestos found in a MAS is usually manageable and it’s not always necessary to remove it.

The Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey is done before a building is demolished and when construction materials are likely to contain asbestos. This survey is conducted to locate asbestos containing materials and to provide information for removal and dispose of dangerous materials and it’s always done before a demolition or a refurbishment. As opposed to the management survey, the RDAS is intrusive and destructive, for the inspection requires access to all areas. Also, all materials containing asbestos must be removed prior to demolition or refurbishment works begin.

OHSS’ licensed asbestos surveyors

OHSS is accredited by the Health and Safety Authority ( specialist committee INAB to undertake inspection surveys of asbestos in buildings and for the analysis of asbestos in materials in line with legislation and HSA guidance.

All our asbestos surveys are carried out in accordance with HSG 264 and HSG 248. OHSS is recognised in Ireland as the market leader and is the only company to achieve the highest standards and to be accredited by HSA/INAB
Also, all our  asbestos surveyors are trained to BOHS standards or higher standards with extensive experience throughout the industry.

OHSS is the only company in Ireland to hold the accreditation for ISO17020 - Surveying for Asbestos in Premises and Risk Assessments.

OHSS is also the only company in Ireland to hold the accreditation for ISO17025 - Analysis of Asbestos in Bulk Materials.

Accreditation to these standards provides assurance to you and third parties that the work we do is of the highest national nad international standards.

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