Asbestos Removal

Before Asbestos is removed from any premises, legislation requires that an inspection survey for asbestos is carried out and that all asbestos containing materials are identified and removed. OHSS is fully accredited to by the Health and Safety Authority’s specialist committee INAB to  carry out this work. Read more about our asbestos surveys.

After the survey has identified the presence of asbestos containing materials and that it must be removed, only competent asbestos removal contractors can perform the job, which is regulated by HSA (Health and Safety Authority). Extremely dangerous for human health, asbestos containing materials should be kept under control and carefully handled so that the asbestos fibres are not disturbed. Asbestos removal and disposal should always be performed by competent contractors who constantly train and improve their techniques.   

OHSS offer all asbestos-related services, so you can rest assured that your building is properly investigated and cleared without endangering any party. From asbestos survey to asbestos remediation management, our staff are highly trained to safely handle asbestos containing materials.

Safe asbestos removal and disposal are our priority and your health is of utmost importance. We constantly train so that we always offer quality asbestos related services:

1. Advice in the development of a design specification for the removal works
2. Selecting asbestos removal contractors
3. Monitoring the works carried out by the chosen contractor
4. Clearance testing once asbestos is removed

Our clearance certification provides assurance to you and third parties that the area is asbestos-free/safe.  Our accreditation to undertake clearance testing is recognised and accepted throughout the world.

Exposure to asbestos is the biggest occupational health killer of our time.
When it comes to asbestos management or removal, working with an experienced organisation such as OHSS, who are internationally Accredited and Trusted is crucial in these situations

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