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Which products contained asbestos?

Asbestos is popular in the context of the construction industry, however, it was used for many other products that were not related to building materials, in the home, for protective clothing and textiles. In an article on the website mesothelioma.com, there is an exhaustive list of products that have had asbestos fibres among their components. Please refer to the links on the products for further…

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3 Siblings died after being exposed to asbestos

When the death of Charles Glass was investigated after he passed away from asbestos-related cancer, the Dublin coroner discovered that he was not the only one in his family that died of mesothelioma. The inquest revealed that both his brother and sister died of the same deadly disease, caused by asbestos exposure. Mr. Grass was exposed to the substance when he was in his teens, while cutting asbestos…

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Where is asbestos banned?

Last time when IBAS (International Ban Asbestos Secretariat) updated the list on their website was 27th January 2014, which means almost a year ago. Currently only 55 of the world’s states have banned and restricted asbestos use, and this number is concerning given the fact that there are 223 countries. There are so many alarm bells that have been rung throughout the years since the dangers that…

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Infographic: Asbestos at work

Brighton Purcell is a law firm in California, dedicated to helping asbestos victims, among other areas of practice. They are very active in raising awareness of the dangers of asbestos and very commitment to this cause. On the firm’s blog, posted at the end of November, they displayed an Infographic about how asbestos impacts the life and health of workers, who were and still are unfortunate to work…

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To ban or not to ban asbestos in Thailand

The fact that asbestos is banned in more than 50 countries doesn’t seem to convince the Thai Authorities that this is what they should also do. People are misinformed and depending on who you ask, you may find that there are only five recorded cases of asbestos-related diseases (says their Disease Control Department) or that 1000 people are being affected by it every year (say the Thai anti-asbestos…

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Brazil takes its toll: 15,000 people die of asbestos-related diseases annually

On 20 November, The Guardian published a video about how Brazilians manage asbestos, what they know, but most important what they don’t know about it, how they still handle it and how ignorant asbestos retailers are. The video depicts asbestos victims that learn what caused their disease only when they arrived to their doctor and then they shockingly find out that they only have a few months to…

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Sunshine Coast Council spent $30,000 to clean asbestos in 2013

It’s well-known that Australia was one of the world’s biggest users of Asbestos in the world. Massively used in the past in the construction industry, asbestos is a growing threat to everyone who comes in contact with it, and this, even though it is more than a decade since it was Asbestos removal and disposal are processes that must be done by trained professionals, properly equipped, in safe…

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Asbestos awareness campaign: check your work history

Brian Shepherd, 79, a former carpenter from Nursery Grove, died of mesothelioma in less than 7 days after being sent home, all-cleared by doctors. When investigated, it turned out that Mr. Shepherd died of malignant mesothelioma. From all the diseases caused by asbestos exposure, mesothelioma is the deadliest. It’s one of the few cancers whose exact cause can be established and this cause is asbestos.…

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What are the deadliest asbestos jobs?

You don’t have to be a constant reader of our Asbestos Consultants’ blog to know that exposure to asbestos fibres is extremely dangerous for human health. It’s enough if you read at least one of our articles, because in each one of them we remind people that it’s no joke to be around asbestos containing materials. The people that are most exposed to asbestos are those who work in such an environment.…

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The asbestos-related diseases

In almost all of our articles we talk about asbestos-related diseases and put an emphasis on the worst of them: mesothelioma, the asbestos cancer. In this article, we’ll list all the medical conditions that can occur because of asbestos exposure. Widely used in the past in construction industry, asbestos was banned in most countries, but not (yet) removed from a lot of buildings worldwide. There…

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