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Asbestos - A sentence for the family as well

On our website, we often talk about the devastating effects that asbestos has had on workers’ and contractors’ health. Of course, any illness or death of a loved one has a tremendous impact on the family but he impact of asbestos exposure on a family may not stop there? Allegedly, a woman called Mary Pointer was frequently exposed to asbestos while washing her husband’s overalls, which were…

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Could there be asbestos in your house?

Even if the threat of asbestos is better understood and the awareness of the dangers is growing, there are still many, many people that are not aware of how dangerous it is to be exposed to it. And many more are not aware that asbestos can be found in their homes. That is why, before going through a renovation, it would be wise to have a licensed company perform an asbestos survey so that you and your…

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Asbestos awareness endorsed by Stuart Pearce

It’s always refreshing to see celebrities and famous people get involved in humanitarian or awareness campaigns. There are so many diseases and human right issues that the public are unaware of, so, when a popular figure talks about them, there are higher chances that they will be listened to. This is why when people like Stuart Pearce, the ex-manager of Manchester City football team, talks about…

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Facts and figures about asbestos

There are many people today who are still unaware of the dangers that exposure to asbestos can have on their health. What’s worse, there are countries that have no ban on this material and many places where it still heavily used in the construction industry. Most people have no idea how to handle asbestos or what to do when they suspect the material is hidden in their homes. But more and more asbestos…

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Malta, among the countries with the highest rate of mesothelioma

Today, the occurrence in Malta from asbestos related deaths might seem very surprising because Malta is among the countries who have banned asbestos use. But Malta isn’t alone, the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand also feature in a recently published report by the Centre for the Study of Environmental Cancer - Italian League Against Cancer, and they too have banned the use…

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EPA doesn’t want to waive the levy for illegal asbestos dumping

In Australia there is an ongoing problem with asbestos which is frequently dumped illegally all around the country. So last year, Wyong Council announced an amnesty which was supposed to put an end to illegal dumping of asbestos. The amnesty stated that residents who had less than 10sqm of bonded asbestos on their property would be able to get rid of it for free with a single call to the council who…

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P/D surgery gives hope to mesothelioma patients

At the end of 2014, the website asbestos.com published an article about an improved radiation therapy that extends the life expectancy of mesothelioma patients. A recent study revealed that the new radiation therapy that follows lung-sparing pleurectomy/decortication, surgery known under the acronym P/D, has better results than the EPP (extrapleural pneumonectomy), a more aggressive procedure. Patients…

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Who are the World’s leaders in asbestos production and use?

In one of our previous articles we have talked about the countries that have banned the use of asbestos, in this article we will look at those countries who are still mining for it, who are still exporting it, and who are still using it in construction. The major players on the asbestos market are Canada, Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan and China, but they are not the only ones. They are endangering millions…

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Why are asbestos surveys important?

A lot of people live and work in buildings constructed more than three or four decades ago. For many of these buildings asbestos containing materials were used, and these pose an imminent risk if they are disturbed. The chances of exposure are very high and unless you call an expert to perform a survey, you are in danger of being exposed to asbestos fibres which can lead to asbestos related cancers.All…

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Vivienne Westwood’s strange asbestos campaign

On 18 December 2014, the Daily Mail reported that Vivienne Westwood, the famous British designer, was on her way to deliver an uncommon Christmas present to British Prime Minister David Cameron. And by uncommon we mean a box of asbestos, which she and her son, businessman Joseph Corre, carried to the gates of Downing Street. With this unusual present, Westwood wanted to send a message about the health…

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