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Leeds, a mesothelioma “hot spot”

New statistics and asbestos surveys revealed that almost three-quarters of the schools, 190 schools, more precisely, in Leeds are built with asbestos containing materials. This news drove campaigners to call for asbestos removal from classrooms where children are at risk of inhaling asbestos fibres, if the substance is somehow activated. Heavily used in the construction industry until its ban in 1999,…

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Don’t ignore the signs

When warning signs are put on walls, fences, gates or poles, do not ignore them under any circumstance. Regardless if it’s a “Beware of the dog!” or “Keep out!” or simply “Danger”, these signs are there for a reason: to protect you. Don’t risk your life by trespassing on a territory where someone has specifically warned you that it can and will affect your health. At the end of September,…

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London Symphony Orchestra flautist dies from mesothelioma

For over 28 years, Richard Taylor played the flute in the London Symphony Orchestra. At 83 years old, he died on August 11 of mesothelioma, the cancer related to asbestos exposure. Mr. Taylor believed that he may have been exposed to asbestos either when he worked in the Chelsea Barracks or from the powder which came with rawplugs. Richard Taylor’s death was recorded as death by industrial disease. In…

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Asbestos, Britain’s number one killer

In a very thorough article for the British publication The Telegraph, Harry de Quetteville explores the lives of mesothelioma stricken patients, people that had no idea how dangerous asbestos was. He also goes into the depths of the dark premonitions that threaten not only Britain, but the entire world. Telling the story of Andrew Lawson, a consultant anaesthetist for the NHS, de Quetteville depicts…

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Asbestos awareness bus campaign in Canberra

You may not be aware of this but Australia is one of the leading countries in asbestos related diseases and deaths. More and more people in Australia are getting involved and taking action to draw attention to the substance and its dangerous effects on human health. One of the organisations that promote asbestos awareness and provide education on how to avoid and handle asbestos is ‘The Bernie Banton…

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Residents endangered after controlled burning

Residents of Taupo, a town in New Zealand, believe they may have been exposed to asbestos when The Central Lakes Area Fire Service conducted a controlled exercise. The exercise was a training for volunteer firefighters and it involved setting three houses on fire. Asbestos presence was later confirmed and residents are concerned, even though asbestos is heat-resistant, fire can cause the asbestos fibres…

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Asbestos in prisons - Awareness created by popular TV Show

Asbestos is a real potential problem in homes, office buildings, schools and other public institutions. We are focused on raising awareness of the seriousness of the potential threat to human health when asbestos is not managed safely. However, raising awareness can occur in the most unexpected places.

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Asbestos - A History Lesson

In General people think asbestos is something relatively new, that it was used in the past century, especially in the construction sector, until a recent discovery showed it carries an airborne disease and can be lethal.

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58 years’ worth of fines for illegal asbestos dumping

It happened in Australia, but it could happen anywhere in the world, because dumping asbestos on unprotected areas is, in most countries, a crime. Dib Hanna, a contractor who disposed of eight trucks of hazardous asbestos containing materials was convicted for dozens of criminal charges and more than 20 fines. He will be paying all these fines at a rate of $300 every month for the next 58 years of…

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Parmly Billings Library carefully cleaned of asbestos

When the new building of Parmly Billings Library was built, the old one had to be demolished in order to build a parking lot and a garden in its place. The demolishing company expected that the works would take a few months, but they had to interrupt the demolition because asbestos was found in the fifth floor’s cooling system. The asbestos abatement process was scheduled to take a maximum of three…

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