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Chemical Safety and Beyond

Chemicals are a part of everyday life, whether used in your home or work environments. From cleaners and solvents, to corrosives and numerous other substances, many chemicals pose a risk to the handler.

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Health and Safety at Work

As the younger generations enter the workforce in larger and larger numbers, some companies fear the added burden of youthful employees. In a recent report by HSE, this concern is highlighted by the pattern of avoidance in hiring inexperienced workers.

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Asbestos News in Ireland

In Ireland, with the ongoing threat of asbestos exposure within buildings constructed prior to the ban in 1999, illegal dumping of old and damaged asbestos containing materials is also a rising concern. In many instances, when companies are uneducated about these hazardous materials, improper asbestos disposal occurs.

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Asbestos Regulations in 2016

As of the turn of the century, the use, re-use, or sale of asbestos containing materials and product has been prohibited in Ireland. However, as so many materials containing asbestos have already been installed or have been in use prior to the regulations, a lot do still remain in place, and can even until they are at risk of damage or reach the end of their life.

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Safety Consultants in Dublin

When safety issues arise, having a plan in place is the key to handling the situation in a safe and effective manner. A safety consultant has extensive knowledge about a wide variety of safety issues in many environments. They will inspect workplaces and evaluate the building to ensure all safety codes are being met.

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