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Asbestos Hazard in Construction Works

The construction industry in Ireland is home to many health and safety concerns, and one of the greatest concerns that persist to this day is the threat of asbestos exposure. Asbestos is still known to be the biggest killer in the workplace, and it can take years for any symptoms to appear

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Products That Contain Asbestos Fibers

Asbestos fibres are extremely versatile, durable, heat resistant, and nearly indestructible. Because of this, asbestos fibres have often been combined with many other materials for different industrial, automotive, and building products. It has also been used in common home appliances, such as portable heaters and even some handheld hair dryers.

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Asbestos News Ireland

In the latest asbestos news from Ireland you may have heard about the recent case against Dale Farm in Dungannon. The dairy firm has recently pleaded guilty to a breach of health and safety regulations, in a case that was taken to court by the Health and Safety Executive (HSENI). With a lapse of regulation and a deficiency in communication, two engineers were regrettably exposed to asbestos fibres during work at the company’s Creamery.

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Asbestos Facts in 2016

Asbestos can be a worrisome source of despair and potential ill health for many who have had the unfortunate circumstance of exposure to asbestos fibres. Inhalation of this toxic material means a concern for future ailments, such as Mesothelioma.

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How to Avoid Asbestos Dust

As Ireland is still at risk for asbestos materials, knowing how to avoid asbestos dust is perhaps the most important piece of knowledge concerning this scenario. Damage and disturbance can occur in many situations, such as during demolition, maintenance, repair and remodelling. When it does occur, it is best to keep the area in question clear of traffic and keep activities to a minimum, in order to avoid further disturbing the materials and possibly creating airborne fibres.

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Safety and Asbestos Regulations in Ireland

When dealing with asbestos, health and safety should be at the pinnacle of all practices where it is involved. In Ireland, there are many legal requirements around the handling of asbestos that must be met to prevent the danger of exposure from asbestos and any asbestos containing materials, such as the Chemicals Regulations 2011.

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Asbestos Contractors Policy

With the early uses in building materials throughout Ireland as insulators, and their known advantage to resist heat and offer protection from fires, asbestos containing materials are popular in most buildings older than the year 2000.

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