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The Importance of Asbestos Surveys

When you take into consideration that a vast number of buildings were built before asbestos was finally banned in Ireland, it is highly likely asbestos materials can be found in a location near you. If you were thinking of drilling into unidentified walls or going forward with any renovation works to an older building, it would be best to ensure your complete safety beforehand.

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Air Monitoring When Working With Asbestos

Asbestos air monitoring is a process used to detect the levels of asbestos fibres within the atmosphere by running air samples through a filter. During any asbestos-related work, air monitoring must be carried out if the risk of exposure for asbestos is high. When working with asbestos materials, qualified asbestos analysts should undertake the necessary surveys and air monitoring procedures to ensure total safety.

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Asbestos Removal In Commercial Buildings

Many industrial and commercial buildings are at risk of containing materials with asbestos. If your business operates in a building that was built before the year 2000, there may be a chance that contaminated materials still exist.

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Asbestos danger when it comes to DIY projects

Do you love to do DIY? Don’t be too quick to jump in – it looks great on TV – knocking down walls and reconstructing your home to better suit your needs - but there are more subtle things to consider before you get involved in work like this. Many people do not know that when working in their homes they run a risk of being exposed to Asbestos Fibres.

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Asbestos regulations

Here are a few facts on how asbestos contractors must work with asbestos and on the strict guidelines they must work to when handling and removing asbestos safely:

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