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Canada’s first online asbestos registry

It is generally well known that Canada is one of the countries where asbestos is still mined and exported. It is not used domestically in Canada, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Canadians are safe from exposure. There are a number of locations in Canada where the government is active in trying to ensure that the public are not harmed by this substance. Saskatchewan is a central province…

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A petition to support mesothelioma research in UK

Dr. Alan McKenna is an associate lecturer at Kent Law School and his major interests and research areas are Privacy and Data Protection, Asbestos related issues, Information and Communication Law and International Commercial Law. Focusing on the second one, at the beginning of 2014, Dr. McKenna submitted an online petition where he demanded the Secretary of State for Health (Jeremy Hunt) and the Secretary…

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The first European Asbestos Forum - May 2015

The first European Asbestos Forum will take place on the 27th of May 2015, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, at the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky. This conference is aimed to improve the exchange of knowledge and to encourage and increase networking opportunities between professionals on all subjects related to asbestos. On the official website, there is information regarding the program, the conference dinner…

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This blog detail aspects of the Asbestos removal process and Industry.

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