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Where is asbestos found in asbestos containing materials?

We’ve written a lot about asbestos containing materials and we constantly advise you to keep away from asbestos, to not disturb containing materials in any way and to call a professional for advice if you suspect you have asbestos in your home or work environment. But where exactly the asbestos is located in asbestos containing materials we will describe in this article. When experts look for asbestos…

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The thriving asbestos industry in India

Despite all the health warnings and the ever growing stats available on the health risks associated with asbestos, today, India is still one of the biggest importers of asbestos in the world. While activists in India try to raise awareness on the dangers of asbestos, the government has not got involved, instead they seem to be rather tolerant of its use based on what New Delhi declared at the UN meeting…

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How to avoid risking asbestos exposure

If you have never undertaken an asbestos survey and you don’t know for sure that the building or house you are using or living in contains asbestos as part of their composition, there still are things you can do to avoid exposure. On the asbestos.com blog, Michelle Whitmer gives 4 tips to help you avoid exposure. These reasons are as follows: 1. Don’t mess with loose insulation If your building…

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How was #AsbestosAwarenessWeek seen on Twitter

Global Asbestos Awareness Week happened in the first week of April, between 1-7 April, the idea behind it is to draw attention to the risks of asbestos exposure. The website mesothelioma.com encouraged everyone to participate in spreading the word in 5 ways: sharing the information about the risks, diseases and lethal effects that asbestos has on human health, follow the events dedicated to this cause,…

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Property Managers in Australia now have an asbestos guide

Finally here’s a good news, but it would be even better news if this approach was to be adopted in all countries and by all real estate agencies. In Australia, property managers have an obligation towards their clients, this means a legal duty of cares to their clients, employees and the tradesmen they hire. The asbestos guide released by the NSW Government highlights what these managers should…

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Shocking report in UK: asbestos will claim the lives of 300 former pupils a year

An article published by the mirror.co.uk at the beginning of April reported on a recent study which claimed that because a lot of schools were built with asbestos-containing materials after the WWII, up to 300 former pupils and 15 teachers a year are likely to suffer from mesothelioma, the asbestos cancer, or from other lung diseases caused by the substance. Not all schools in UK have been surveyed…

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4 Countries block export restriction on asbestos

Given everything we know about asbestos and the associated dangers it seems shocking that Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Zimbabwe continue to oppose the listing of asbestos as a dangerous substance. Russia, as the world leader in asbestos production, will not allow the inclusion of chrysotile onto a list that would inform workers of the risks they are exposed to should they come in contact with…

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Canada’s first online asbestos registry

It is generally well known that Canada is one of the countries where asbestos is still mined and exported. It is not used domestically in Canada, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Canadians are safe from exposure. There are a number of locations in Canada where the government is active in trying to ensure that the public are not harmed by this substance. Saskatchewan is a central province…

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A petition to support mesothelioma research in UK

Dr. Alan McKenna is an associate lecturer at Kent Law School and his major interests and research areas are Privacy and Data Protection, Asbestos related issues, Information and Communication Law and International Commercial Law. Focusing on the second one, at the beginning of 2014, Dr. McKenna submitted an online petition where he demanded the Secretary of State for Health (Jeremy Hunt) and the Secretary…

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The first European Asbestos Forum - May 2015

The first European Asbestos Forum will take place on the 27th of May 2015, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, at the NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky. This conference is aimed to improve the exchange of knowledge and to encourage and increase networking opportunities between professionals on all subjects related to asbestos. On the official website, there is information regarding the program, the conference dinner…

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