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Asbestos regulations

Here are a few facts on how asbestos contractors must work with asbestos and on the strict guidelines they must work to when handling and removing asbestos safely:

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US: Colorado school removes asbestos

There is a major asbestos removal project currently taking place at Greeley West High in Colorado while the Staff and pupils are on holidays. Only 50%of the work is expected to be completed this summer and the rest is planned to be completed next summer.

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U.S.: EWG Investigation Reveals Asbestos in Products for Children

Parents often believe that, if they read the labels on the products they buy for their children, potential harm may be avoided, but recently a non-profit organisation that functions under the US “Environmental Working Group Action Fund (EWG)”, discovered that some children’s crayons contained as much as 1% asbestos concentration.

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$280m for homes containing asbestos in Australia

Between the late 80’ and early 90’s huge efforts and funds were put into removing the asbestos from these homes but in 2013 it was found that these efforts were not robust enough and traces of the fibres were found to be still very present in these homes.

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The real life effects of Asbestos featured in a short film at Sydney Film Festival

‘Under Skin, In Blood’ is a 12-minute short film made by Larissa Behrendt, an Aboriginal Professor of Law at the University of Technology Sydney, premiered in mid-June at the Sydney Film Festival, in the section called ‘Pitch Black Shorts. The film depicts the impact of asbestos mining in the community of Baryulgil. Baryulgil was a major asbestos mine between 1950’s and 1970’s and the impact…

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