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The Danger of Asbestos in Old Houses

Many old houses throughout Ireland are known to be hot spots for the presence of asbestos containing materials and the potential danger of their condition. A variety of products used asbestos before it was banned at the turn of the century, and it can found in everything from roofing, to insulation in the walls, to floor tiles.

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Common Asbestos Myths

There is a lot of information out there about asbestos that people in Dublin and other areas in Ireland may have a difficult time understanding what is actually true and what is not, which is important for your safety.

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In Asbestos News Ireland

With the threat of asbestos still present in many structures throughout Ireland, there have been several cases of asbestos scares in the news. Recently, in the north, a primary school closed its door due to the threat of asbestos exposure. During routine work, the discovery of asbestos containing materials was found at St. Joseph's Primary School in Antrim, and a survey must be performed to determine the level of the current threat, and to determine if any students had been exposed to hazardous asbestos fibres.

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Using The Most Trusted Asbestos Companies

There is an important reason why regulations in Ireland dictate that trained professionals must handle asbestos. As one of the most dangerous modern hazards, it requires the utmost care and consideration in any of its forms. Most seriously, any damaged asbestos containing materials and any potentially airborne fibres are the most dangerous aspects to consider.

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How to Remove Asbestos: Prevention Guide

Dealing with risk prevention, control measures, and asbestos removal in Ireland comes with many questions. What is the safest way to handle asbestos containing materials? What are the risks involved with removal of the substance? How do you control the situation in order to prevent accidents from occurring? There are many dangers involved with handling asbestos, and it is best to know where to find the right help.

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Asbestos Surveys For Building Owners

Performing asbestos surveys is an important process for every business owner. Building owners in Ireland are required to ensure that hazards are identified and assessed for the risk to the site and its occupants.

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The Fundamentals of Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos is commonly blue, brown and white. White asbestos is the least dangerous, but if you disturbed or damaged, it can also release hazardous fibres that harm the lungs when they are inhaled. You can recognise white asbestos by its off-white colour and often times hardened or fibrous texture, most commonly found in roof sheeting or insulation of both residential and commercial buildings.

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Asbestos Testing Standards in Ireland

There are very specific requirements when it comes to asbestos testing standards in Ireland. Anyone that is to work with asbestos containing materials must have the proper training. Asbestos removal is a highly sensitive process, and its safe and experienced removal is a requirement of the Safety Health and Welfare Work (Exposure to Asbestos) Regulations, 2006.

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Finding Contractors Asbestos Trained

Asbestos is extremely dangerous for people who are not asbestos trained, and it can have severe consequences if handled improperly. Asbestos contractors are specially trained to handle these kinds of situations. Illnesses from asbestos exposure kills thousands of workers each year, many of those being people working in trades.

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