Chemical Safety and Beyond

  • By - Feb 23, 2016


Chemicals are a part of everyday life, whether used in your home or work environments. From cleaners and solvents, to corrosives and numerous other substances, many chemicals pose a risk to the handler. Taking the proper precautions with hazardous materials is always important. Learn the necessary practices for chemical safety, to ensure all substances are handled safely.


In your home, there might be several kinds of hazardous chemicals that you come into contact with, whether often or infrequently. This includes paints, bug sprays, kerosene, gasoline, bleach, and many other household cleaners. In a working environment, the potential for toxic chemical use can easily increase, depending on the job. In maintenance and building, for example, there is a frequent use of paint and paint strippers, lawn chemicals and various industrial chemicals. These workers require special education and training on the proper handling of these substances.


We can be exposed to chemicals in many ways. When we directly interact with chemicals, we are at risk of absorption through skin contact or eye irritation. It is important to wear chemical safety glasses and gloves for protection. There is also a great risk though inhalation of dust and debris. Wearing a respirator is vital for certain situations, such as spray painting or demolition. A building demolition and renovation site commonly has many different risks, sometimes unforeseen. Contact asbestos consultants for help training and supporting your workers on health and safety with asbestos containing materials.