Health and Safety at Work

As the younger generations enter the workforce in larger and larger numbers, some companies fear the added burden of youthful employees. In a recent report by HSE, this concern is highlighted by the pattern of avoidance in hiring inexperienced workers. In many ways, this attitude is due to apprehensions about their lack of experience or training. Health and safety at work is a sensitive subject, and many employers face situations that may require certain physical or psychological aptitudes. While a younger workforce can raise concern over their lack of experience, companies are ultimately responsible for ensuring their entire workforce is properly trained, no matter their age.



When your company faces the challenge of hazardous materials, the concern for proper training and education increases. Asbestos is an ongoing threat for many workplaces, and having a knowledgeable and properly trained staff is an important step in regulating health and safety concerns. When asbestos containing materials are found in your workplace, there are necessary steps for the safety of those in the vicinity. If the fibres from asbestos become airborne, the risk of asbestos exposure becomes a real danger. Make sure your staff knows the proper procedures and is prepared to respond to any dangers. You can contact asbestos consultants in Dublin to help train your staff on safety measures and to reduce the risk of health hazards.