Asbestos News in Ireland

In Ireland, with the ongoing threat of asbestos exposure within buildings constructed prior to the ban in 1999, illegal dumping of old and damaged asbestos containing materials is also a rising concern. In many instances, when companies are uneducated about these hazardous materials, improper asbestos disposal occurs. There is a cost to properly disposing of these materials, and due to this many people can feel tempted to cut costs and dispose of the asbestos themselves. This is a growing problem and asbestos policies are becoming more prominent in order to deal with the issue. 


Without proper disposal, asbestos remains a major hazard and promotes serious health risks. The sheer volume of potential asbestos waste makes the handling of all these materials difficult to manage. With so many incidents of illegal dumping, people are growing even more concerned over toxic waste. In Ireland, one of the most recent struggles was over a proposal for a quarry company to dump asbestos waste in West Belfast. Many people are concerned over this hazardous waste being dumped so near to their residences, and these issues with asbestos waste are continuing all around the globe, from Europe, to North America, to Australia.

With so many costs and regulations involved with asbestos waste, some people are attempting to avoid the trouble of properly disposing of asbestos materials. It is increasingly important that companies be required to properly handle any asbestos and prevent incidents of exposure. If you are facing the possibility of asbestos containing materials, it is best to seek the expertise of licensed asbestos contractors in Ireland.