Asbestos Hazard in Construction Works

The construction industry in Ireland is home to many health and safety concerns, and one of the greatest concerns that persist to this day is the threat of asbestos exposure. Asbestos is still known to be the biggest killer in the workplace, and it can take years for any symptoms to appear. The greatest danger exists when asbestos fibres become airborne and those in the area inhale them.


Breathing in these fibres can cause damage to the lungs, and this inhalation can lead to lethal diseases, like lung cancer. With this element still present, asbestos hazards in construction works should remain a great concern for all involved.

If you are responsible for the maintenance or repair of a residential project, or a commercial or industrial property, you are also obliged to follow regulations concerning this hazard. First, you must determine whether asbestos is present. This can be done through a qualified asbestos survey to determine the risks in the areas you will be working. Always assume older building materials contain asbestos, unless there is strong evidence to suggest that it does not. One of the biggest problems is that asbestos can be difficult to detect. After the area is surveyed and assessed, take the appropriate action to manage any risks found. Never take any chances when it comes to the health and safety of workers on a construction site.

Contact licensed asbestos professionals in the Dublin area to assess the risks and help you create an appropriate management plan.