Products That Contain Asbestos Fibers

Asbestos fibres are extremely versatile, durable, heat resistant, and nearly indestructible. Because of this, asbestos fibres have often been combined with many other materials for different industrial, automotive, and building products. It has also been used in common home appliances, such as portable heaters and even some handheld hair dryers. Though the ban on asbestos has been in effect for the past fifteen years, many of these asbestos containing building materials and products are unfortunately still in use today.

When asbestos containing materials and products are damaged, they pose dangers to inhabitants and even more risk follows those who work in the industries most commonly in contact with these materials, such as tradesman and contractors. Contact the asbestos experts in Ireland for help identifying and handling any asbestos containing materials.



These are some of the most common products that contain asbestos fibres:
As it was frequently used for its strength and fireproofing capabilities, asbestos can be found in many older roofing shingles and patching compounds.

From pipes to ducts to walls, insulation has been a common source for asbestos fibres and insulation materials hold a high risk for incidents of exposure.

Many tiles used in earlier residential and commercial builds have been made with asbestos fibres. Vinyl asbestos floor tiles were popular and produced by a number of manufacturers globally creating a high risk if damaged.

Plaster and Spackle
These substances were also used for a wide variety of purposes including building construction such as caulking, taping, and other adhesives. Asbestos was also used in decorative plaster, textured paint, and other coatings as well.