Asbestos News Ireland

In the latest asbestos news from Ireland you may have heard about the recent case against Dale Farm in Dungannon. The dairy firm has recently pleaded guilty to a breach of health and safety regulations, in a case that was taken to court by the Health and Safety Executive (HSENI). With a lapse of regulation and a deficiency in communication, two engineers were regrettably exposed to asbestos fibres during work at the company’s Creamery.

An investigation brought to light the fact that Dale Farm never had an asbestos management plan created to manage the asbestos containing materials in their location. They had also failed to update their register to account for the asbestos insulation board that was discovered years before the incident of exposure took place. Dale Farm acknowledged and accepted the two charges brought by the HSENI, and they have now reviewed their health and safety systems to ensure they comply with the highest standards and actively prevent any future incidents.

This case is an example of the dangers that exist in many buildings, even though asbestos has been banned since the year 2000 in all future materials and building projects. The threat of asbestos in existing building is still a great concern. Proactively meeting all asbestos requirements and managing any risks is extremely important in commercial buildings, industrial locations, and in residential spaces.

For businesses, having the best training and best practises surrounding asbestos containing materials is vital to prevent an incident such as this. Contact leading asbestos contractors in Dublin to manage the threat of asbestos in 2016.