Asbestos Facts in 2016

Asbestos can be a worrisome source of despair and potential ill health for many who have had the unfortunate circumstance of exposure to asbestos fibres. Inhalation of this toxic material means a concern for future ailments, such as Mesothelioma.

This mineral was once thought to be a source of strong, heat resistant and effective insulating materials. Many in the industrial and commercial building sectors have used asbestos in their building materials for decades, before it was banned for its toxic and potentially fatal effects. In 2016, it is still a concern for those who occupy older buildings and those who plan to renovate structures built before the year 2000. Here are a couple of asbestos facts in 2016 that building owners should know:


The British Lung Foundation estimates that more than 2,000 people are diagnosed with Mesothelioma every year in the UK. Even though it is no longer used, asbestos related deaths are predicted to rise. This is largely due to the exposure workers and others continually face in older buildings, industrial plants, and even older vehicles. This is especially true in the case of renovation and remodelling projects.

Conducting asbestos surveys and creating plans for managing asbestos safely are extremely important practises. If you are unclear about the dangers or the handling of asbestos, undergo basic asbestos awareness training, and seek professional guidance on what you need to do in order to remain safe from exposure of this potentially deadly substance. Contact the asbestos experts in Dublin for training and any necessary handling of asbestos containing materials.