Safety and Asbestos Regulations in Ireland

When dealing with asbestos, health and safety should be at the pinnacle of all practices where it is involved. In Ireland, there are many legal requirements around the handling of asbestos that must be met to prevent the danger of exposure from asbestos and any asbestos containing materials, such as the Chemicals Regulations 2011.

This particular guideline was created to specify the process in which the Health and Safety Authority may issue a certificate to exempt an asbestos-containing article. When it comes to the safety of occupants in a building with the threat of asbestos materials present, preventative safety is most important.


Many building materials used in both public and domestic buildings prior to the banning of asbestos have a high chance of contain asbestos. People performing renovation work or taking on DIY activities may inadvertently expose themselves to asbestos dust. The risk of exposure comes with the risk of various health conditions, the most severe of which comes in the form of Mesothelioma, a disease notoriously difficult to treat. Many of these cases occur from occupational exposure to asbestos containing materials. If exposed to airborne fibres, you or your loved one may be diagnosed with this disease and it may be worth pointing out that Mesothelioma is not unique to humans, and while it may be uncommon, your pets are also at risk of developing asbestos-related cancer.


When you are dealing with the possibility of asbestos exposure in a commercial or residential location, the best route is to have the site evaluated by professionals. In many cases, licensed asbestos contractors are required to handle or remove threatening materials. Get in touch with the experts to have a survey and analyses performed.