Asbestos Contractors Policy

Asbestos is extremely harmful if the dust containing fibres is inhaled. Inhalation, even on a small scale, can lead to serious health risks like Mesothelioma. It’s important to always treat asbestos products with caution and handle them with care.

With the early uses in building materials throughout Ireland as insulators, and their known advantage to resist heat and offer protection from fires, asbestos containing materials are popular in most buildings older than the year 2000.



There are certain practices that must be enforced when dealing with the threat of asbestos exposure. If you believe asbestos exists in a residential or business location and you are unsure about whether the materials contain asbestos, it is best to rule out the possibility with an asbestos survey. Seek the answers and expert advice from asbestos monitoring and surveying companies in Ireland. Precautions are necessary to ensure the safety of all occupants in the building, whether it is the family or employees occupying the space.

A specialist contractor should be contacted to carry out all work containing asbestos products or to remove asbestos, especially in the case of materials that are worn or damaged and increase the chances of exposure. There are certain cases where containment works best, but this is the kind of determination that should be made by the experts. While specialist asbestos removal contractors may not always be necessary, they have the professional skills needed to ensure the safety of all occupants. Considering the risks and legalities involved with asbestos exposure, it is best to never take any chances! When in doubt, always contact a professional.