Air Monitoring Importance on Construction Sites

Asbestos containing materials have not been used on construction sites in Ireland since they were banned in the year 2000. However, due to countless past applications in many different building materials, special consideration is always needed when it comes to disturbing, removing, and disposing of any building substance that was made prior to this time period.

So how do contractors and other professionals working on a construction site take the necessary precautions? The presence, or the potential presence, of materials that may easily crumble allowing the fibres to become airborne plays a large role in the decision about whether asbestos is hazardous, as well as how to remove asbestos related materials.

To start, working with an accredited asbestos contractor and having the site surveyed for the presence of asbestos containing materials or any potential hazards are a helpful part of the process. If asbestos has been identified on a site, an asbestos contractor will work with you to develop an asbestos management plan to follow all the necessary safety procedures that will also be fully in compliance with the current legal regulations. Air monitoring is performed by taking samples from the air surrounding the construction site, in order to analyse and identify the presence of any asbestos fibres. This helps keep the environment safe and secure while working in the area of concern. When you are responsible for people working in areas that are known to be in presence of asbestos containing materials, best practice is to bring in a professional asbestos contractor in Ireland to test for the substance and monitor as required.