Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Inside every building in Ireland, there is an ecosystem of its own. Whether you live in a home with pets, or plants, or a large family, the air quality of your home environment affects every living thing in your house. It can be shocking how much indoor air quality can impact your health. 

 With poor indoor air quality, unsuitable levels of humidity, and extreme temperatures, you can experience many health problems, including stress, impeded productivity, and even increased mood swings.

Environments with excess humidity can attract pests and encourage mold growth, causing a multitude of additional health issues, and the moisture may even damage furniture, decor, and other supplies stored there.



Indoor air quality monitoring is important for homeowners and commercial building owners alike. Tracking temperature and humidity levels and monitor air quality improves health, and it identifies issues before they turn into emergencies. Learn to recognise environmental changes that might influence mood, productivity, and the overall well-being of the occupants in your building. Awareness is an essential step to the quality of air you breathe, and understanding the current conditions in your home, office, or retail environments is fundamental.

In older buildings, the threat of asbestos remains in the common construction materials that may contain asbestos fibres. Airborne fibres are hazardous to the health of anyone who breathes them in. Hiring asbestos consultants and having technicians who are adequately trained perform sampling and testing of the materials and the air in your environment is beneficial to controlling the potential risk of exposure. Indoor air quality monitoring through sampling and analysis can help determine any potential risk, ensure compliance, control limits, and provide site clearance.