Asbestos Training in 2016

In Ireland, it is a requirement that workers exposed to asbestos on a regular basis be trained in the identification and the handling of all materials that potentially contains asbestos. With the proper training, workers can avoid these hazards and minimise the risks involved in dealing with asbestos. Beyond identifying any potential hazards, companies should also create a plan and follow the proper procedures to remove hazards without putting any person’s health at risk.

Asbestos training in 2016 has been constructed to prepare companies and individuals in all necessary regulations, and it helps to increase the understanding of their responsibilities in relation to asbestos. Start by taking the measures to increase awareness about the presence of asbestos materials, and then educate employees about the health effects of exposure. It’s extremely important to inform employees on the dangers of handing asbestos and the legal and safety requirements that must be met when there is a need to remove asbestos.


There are a number of asbestos training courses available through established and certified asbestos consultants that can educate all roles and all levels of management. It is critical that everyone involved in asbestos management is properly trained in his or her respective roles, in order to keep everyone safe from exposure to hazards. Without the correct training many things could go wrong and the health and lives of workers could ultimately be at stake. To avoid any risks or hazards, it is a requirement for employers to ensure their employees are trained and all certifications are up to date, in order to avoid on-the-job exposure.