Exposure to Asbestos is the Biggest Occupational Health Killer of Our Time

In Ireland, and throughout Europe, the risk of asbestos exposure is an ongoing issue. Contact with asbestos is the leading cause of Mesothelioma cancer, a type of cancer that aggressively attacks the lungs and abdomen. Illnesses caused by asbestos exposure most commonly occur in a work environment, and even as a result of secondhand exposure.

When any asbestos containing materials, used during construction before the year 2000, are damaged and hazardous fibres are released into the air, breathing this in can create a multitude of health-related issues down the line. As such, it remains that exposure to asbestos is the biggest occupational health killer of our time.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) presented an update on the link between asbestos and cancer at a World Health Organization conference, substantiating the concerns many health officials have had. There is overwhelming proof asbestos is cancerous to humans, regardless of the type or amount of fibres inhaled, though a person's age and gender and other elements may also increase the likelihood of developing the disease. Medical research indicates that breathing in even a minute amount of asbestos fibers can start a chain of physical and metabolic events that can lead to the development of several types of cancers or an incurable disorder called asbestosis.

In the case of asbestos exposure at work, licensed experts are required to handle any asbestos removal or containment. If your business is looking for safe and reliable asbestos removal services, or an accurate asbestos survey for your property, contact one of the leading asbestos contractors in Ireland for help.