In Recent Asbestos News

Asbestos is still very much a relevant issue for many businesses in Ireland. In recent news, following an incident where people were unnecessarily exposed to asbestos in November of 2013, and it was reported to the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI), the company was fined £1,000 plus costs of £800.

As this recent asbestos news story illustrates, these incidents are still occurring, despite the ban of asbestos containing materials at the beginning of the century.



It is best to have an asbestos survey done to inform you of any potential risks and address them before any hazards occur. The costs of having surveys and asbestos removed by a licensed contractor can be pricey, but without properly addressing the issue, the risk will be much more expensive. There are stringent legal requirements, and the health threat associated with asbestos exposure is severe, making the proper protocol essential for the safety of your business and workers. It’s important to be sure that any handling of asbestos is done by an accredited to ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 certified contractor in Dublin.

If a building was constructed before the year 2000, it can potentially contain asbestos. Electricians, plumbers, and anyone who works on the building, are those who could potentially disturb asbestos, and are most at risk of exposure. The risks of asbestos are extremely relevant today, as are the control measures required when dealing with it. Exposure can have fatal or serious health consequences and every precaution must be taken to minimise any risks and to avoid any costly mistakes. Get in touch with your local asbestos contractors for the best way to handle asbestos for your business.