Asbestos Companies and Their Duty in Ireland

Asbestos must be properly managed to prevent exposure and any future threat of asbestos related diseases. In relation to asbestos companies and their duty in Ireland, there are various levels of responsibility. If you are accountable for maintenance and repair for any non-domestic premises, you directly have a legal duty to manage the risk from asbestos. If you are responsible for a large business, a shop or small industrial unit, following a similar protocol, you must carry out your legal duty to manage any asbestos.

Each company or individual responsible for properties in question should obtain asbestos risk assessments and produce effective asbestos management plans. If your building was built before 2000, or if you are unsure, always presume the building contains asbestos, unless you have found out through the proper channels that it does not.

Try to obtain any reports or plans relating to the building, and look for any records of previous asbestos work by asking the previous owners or tenants of the building or a management company. It’s helpful to collect as much information as you can about any previous record. This will help with the next step in the process: employing a competent asbestos surveyor to inspect your building. Also remember your duty to manage any asbestos threat applies to any equipment that may contain asbestos. Older equipment, such as ovens, brakes and clutch linings, boilers and hot water tanks, oven gloves, ironing surfaces, and insulating mats may also have a high chance of containing asbestos. When facing asbestos, companies and their duty in Ireland to manage any hazardous threat becomes the primary need.