Common Asbestos Myths

There is a lot of information out there about asbestos that people in Dublin and other areas in Ireland may have a difficult time understanding what is actually true and what is not, which is important for your safety. Building owners and businesses have a responsibility to address the importance of this hazardous material, and residents and home owners should be aware of these risks and the facts involving asbestos. The following are a few common asbestos myths:

If there is only a minute amount of exposure, asbestos is harmless.
This is a common myth that is just not true. There is no level of asbestos exposure that can be deemed as safe. It may be true that the risk increases with amount of the substance the individual is exposed to, even with very small amounts, inhaling just a few fibres can be threatening to your health.


The mere presence of asbestos containing materials is extremely hazardous.
At the other end of the spectrum, there is a myth that asbestos containing materials are dangerous no matter the condition. In reality, asbestos becomes hazardous when it is damaged and the fibres are exposed and potentially release into the air. If the materials are intact, they do not pose an immediate threat.

If you discover asbestos in your home, you should always remove it.
While the detection of asbestos does merit some concern, disturbing the materials when they are not damaged at all is not the best decision. Removing the materials can cause the fibres to release, creating a hazardous situation. Containing the threat and keeping the materials intact is many times the smartest option.

You can remove asbestos materials yourself, as long as you have a mask on.
This is one of the most dangerous asbestos myths of all. Removing asbestos is particularly risky, as releasing these fibres is much higher without the proper training and equipment, as well as the appropriate safety precautions. Certified asbestos removal specialists should handle all asbestos containing materials.