In Asbestos News Ireland

With the threat of asbestos still present in many structures throughout Ireland, there have been several cases of asbestos scares in the news. Recently, in the north, a primary school closed its door due to the threat of asbestos exposure. During routine work, the discovery of asbestos containing materials was found at St. Joseph's Primary School in Antrim, and a survey must be performed to determine the level of the current threat, and to determine if any students had been exposed to hazardous asbestos fibres.

Similarly, another asbestos scare occurred when the presence of asbestos was found at a landfill in Kilberry. Asbestos containing materials may have been disposed of improperly, and an investigation is needed to determine the threat level and to identify the best way to handle the potential hazard.


These latest cases of asbestos in Ireland, even today, prove that the danger of asbestos is still very abundant, and it highlights the importance of following the proper protocols. With rigorous asbestos regulations in Ireland, many different structures require added attention to any situation that may impact its occupants. With the abundance of asbestos containing materials still present, ensuring the proper protocols are followed is vital.


Whenever asbestos is found to be a threat, regulations deem that specialist contractors with the appropriate certifications must handle the situation. ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 certified asbestos contractors need to safely survey and assess the situation, so they can help to ensure the risk is handled both safely and legally, and asbestos exposure is prevented.