How to Remove Asbestos: Prevention Guide

Dealing with risk prevention, control measures, and asbestos removal in Ireland comes with many questions. What is the safest way to handle asbestos containing materials? What are the risks involved with removal of the substance? How do you control the situation in order to prevent accidents from occurring? There are many dangers involved with handling asbestos, and it is best to know where to find the right help.

With the help of a prevention guide, you will have knowledge of what to do in the presence of asbestos containing materials. As a building owner or employer, you are responsible for a healthy environment and a safe workplace for all involved. Improve awareness of health and safety hazards through training and ensuring the proper protections are in place.

Until it was banned in 1999, many residential and commercial buildings, as well as many industrial structures, commonly used asbestos containing materials, and the remaining presence in existing structures poses a serious risk even today. Any damage to materials containing asbestos causes the unseen fibres to release into the air, and these fibres can then attach to your clothes and be brought back to your home. That is why prevention practises are so important to enforce, and why measures should be immediately taken, before it comes to the status of removal. Licensed experts are required to handle any asbestos control or removal procedures.

OHSS provides safe and reliable asbestos removal services, as well as prevention guides to help train and enforce health and safety measures, for many different commercial or industrial properties.