Asbestos Surveys For Building Owners

Performing asbestos surveys is an important process for every business owner. Building owners in Ireland are required to ensure that hazards are identified and assessed for the risk to the site and its occupants.

Handling asbestos health and safety in the workplace requires proper knowledge and training. Employers, and anyone responsible for the maintenance or repair of a building, must manage any presence of asbestos containing materials. This includes all non-domestic premises such as factories, warehouses, and retail spaces, and public spaces like hospitals, schools, and libraries.


First, building owners must find out if asbestos is present in the facility. If any is found, a record must be made of the location and condition of the asbestos. A risk assessment is necessary to understand the danger level and how to prepare a plan to manage the risks. The final step is putting the plan into action, monitoring it and keeping it up to date. Asbestos surveys are a necessary component to identify and manage any potential risk of asbestos exposure. If your property has shown any signs of asbestos containing materials, a plan of action will be required to enforce control measures or properly remove the substance.

Licensed professionals, who understand the needs and safety precautions during this time, should always perform your asbestos survey. If you are looking for a reliable and quality asbestos surveys for your property, contact us at OHSS. With over a decade of experience dealing directly with asbestos, we can ensure that your survey is done right.