Asbestos Regulations in Ireland: Good Practises in Health and Safety

Practising good health and safety is always good for your business, notwithstanding the legal requirements that companies are held to. Introducing and maintaining good health and safety helps your company to meet current demands and thrive well into the future. The general manufacturing industry in Ireland employs thousands of people, and it is a key economic sector. Within it, though, the risk of asbestos exposure still exists, and health and safety is a continual concern.

The best practise is to always be prepared. With stringent asbestos regulations in Ireland, many manufacturing premises require further attention to the situations that may impact workers, and ensuring the safety standards are followed on site is a priority. Whenever asbestos is found to be a threat within this environment, specialist contractors with the appropriate certifications must handle the situation.


Construction industries are also a major employer in Ireland, and they face similar risks in health and safety. Known to have a high-risk accident record, this industry must ensure that all employees are protected and all measures are taken to maintain health and safety standards. With the abundance of asbestos containing materials still in use, ensuring awareness of the environment, effective training methods, and the proper protocols are followed is important. ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 asbestos contractors can help to ensure any asbestos risk is handled legally and all health hazards are prevented.

OHSS has the expertise to handle any situation with asbestos regulations in Ireland. With over a decade of experience, we can ensure that your company’s health and safety is handled properly.