Asbestos Testing Standards in Ireland

There are very specific requirements when it comes to asbestos testing standards in Ireland. Anyone that is to work with asbestos containing materials must have the proper training.

Asbestos removal is a highly sensitive process, and its safe and experienced removal is a requirement of the Safety Health and Welfare Work (Exposure to Asbestos) Regulations, 2006. Because any improper handling and by not following correct procedures during removal of asbestos can increase the risk of exposure, and subsequently poses serious health risks to those who inhale any airborne asbestos fibres, no person is allowed to perform this without the proper training. It is your responsibility, as a property owner or contractor, to ensure that any asbestos testing, control, asbestos removal, or disposal procedures are carried out appropriately and safely.

The Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Exposure to Asbestos) Regulations 2010 is the latest measure that commercial property owners must follow. Businesses must ensure that they implement risk control and have a management plan of work for the HSA, pending any removal or disposal of asbestos containing materials. To be sure that your property is safe from exposure and that your employees or that you and your family are safe as well, take the necessary precautions and have an asbestos survey performed by professionals to determine your risk.

The team at OHSS has the best training and expertise to meet all asbestos testing standards in Ireland. We can help you determine the risk of your property, and the best management plan for any control or removal that might be required.