The Dangers of Asbestos Removal in Ireland

Asbestos removal in Ireland brings with it a multitude of questions. What is the safest way to handle asbestos? What are the risks? Who do I contact? There are many dangers involved with exposure to asbestos. It is best to be informed about the substance, the unfortunate effects it can have, and where to find the right help.

Asbestos is found in the earth’s crust and occurs naturally as a fibrous structure or as silicate anions that change structure depending on the positioning of the compound. The strength of the material in extreme heat along with its great flexibility allowed it to become a popular choice during construction prior to 1999. Until it was banned, many buildings and industrial structures commonly used asbestos containing materials, and any remaining presence in existing structures still poses a serious risk today.

Exposure to asbestos has led to a host of health issues, most seriously with common links to Asbestosis, when the lungs become scarred from breathing abrasive asbestos fibres, and Lung Cancer. A low level of exposure may even lead to Mesothelioma, an untreatable cancer that affects the abdominal cavity. These are not immediate effects, as many victims of asbestos exposure come to find their illness years later. Unfortunately, this means finding out about asbestos contamination from symptoms of exposure may be too late. Any damage to asbestos containing material causes the fibres to release into the air unseen, and can even attach to clothes and be brought into your home.

In many cases, licensed experts are required to handle any asbestos removal Ireland residents’ need. If you are looking for safe and reliable asbestos removal services, or an accurate asbestos survey for your property, OHSS can help!