When You Need Asbestos Surveys

If you own or manage an industrial property or a place of business, with current legislation, you are required to have asbestos management systems in place at all times for safety measures. Asbestos surveys are necessary to identify and manage any risk of asbestos exposure. If your property has shown signs of asbestos, a plan of action will be required to control or remove the substance.

Licensed professionals, who understand the needs and safety precautions during this time, should always perform the asbestos survey.

Additionally, if you own any property that has been constructed prior to the year 2000, you will need to have the site surveyed according to the legal requirements before undertaking any remodelling or demolition work. The type of survey provided will depend on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the site. The structure itself, the age of the property, and the location of any asbestos containing material (ACM), will determine the approach to the survey, whether it is for a demolition or the management of an existing property. It’s important to be confident in the organisation you choose to undertake the project, and that the assessors are able to conduct proper risk assessment with adequate control measures.

The proper safeguards should also be put in place, such as liability insurance, in case any problems occur.

If you are looking for a reliable and quality asbestos surveys for your property, OHSS has the expertise to help! With over a decade of experience dealing directly with asbestos, we can ensure that your survey is done right.