Ireland: Asbestos testing on black market cigarettes branded as 'Jin Ling'

The Jin Ling branded cigarettes were seized from a Drogheda market this August.

They had already been seized in the UK and when tested were actually found to contain asbestos fibres. The cigarettes recently seized in Drogheda will also undergo testing by the Irish authorities.

The organisation, the Retailers Against Smuggling represented by Benny Gilsenan said they welcomed the capture and the news that the confiscated cigarettes are being analysed to find out what is contained in them.

He stated the cigarettes come from Eastern Europe and Vietnam, and that consumers should not risk their health by purchasing these products, just because they are cheaper.

It seems that Jin Ling brand is created only for the purposed of selling on the black market and have a reputation for being twice as strong as a normal cigarette. Needles to say, nobody knows how many toxic substances they contain, and they don’t follow any packaging or industry regulations.

Jing Ling is the second most smuggled brand of cigarettes in the EU after Marlboro, and represents a serious health threat to any members of the public who smoke them.