Asbestos alarm at Stonehenge visitor centre

On August 2nd brick-sized lumps of asbestos were accidentally brought to Stonehenge. The works are continuing on the new £27 million visitors centre.

The English Heritage reported that they have launched an investigation on the site into the claim that the topsoil that was used was tainted with this potentially harmful substance.

The soil was provided by a subcontractor who was working on a section of a road next to the tourist attraction. The good news is that it has since been removed.

“There were significant lumps of it, about the size of a brick,” a source said, according to the Sunday People.

The company is now in contact with its contractor to clarify if asbestos was accidentally dumped at the site. The English Heritage describes Stonehenge as “one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe.”

An official of the English Heritage reported: “Given the importance of the project and the fact that the area concerned sits within a World Heritage Site, we insisted that the contractor replace the topsoil. To avoid any inconvenience to the public and our visitors, this work took place over a couple of nights, outside of normal visiting hours.”