US: Colorado school removes asbestos

There is a major asbestos removal project currently taking place at Greeley West High in Colorado while the Staff and pupils are on holidays. Only 50%of the work is expected to be completed this summer and the rest is planned to be completed next summer.

The authorities have said that this situation is not an emergency as long as it’s managed with great care but to date due to the potential for disrupting asbestos, teachers have been prohibited to put photos on the wall using screws or nails.

This is a wide spread issue in the US and the risks have been known for many years, but only just recently has this particular asbestos removal program been funded.
“Asbestos was viewed as a way to fireproof buildings,” said Wayne Eads, the chief operations officer for Greeley-Evans District 6 “Schools, in particular, and make them safer. I think we’ve now discovered, it can also be very harmful.”
Wayne Eads also suggested that if a roof leak were to happen, the asbestos in the ceilings, walls and floors could easily be disrupted.


Source: abc 7 news Denver