11 Ex-Pirelli Managers - Convicted for Asbestos-Related Deaths

Important news coming from Milan. According to the ANSA news agency, prison sentences up to seven years and eight were issued for 11 persons who were board members at Pirelli during the 1980s.

The 11 defendants were charged with manslaughter and received their sentences for the death of 20 woskers who developed lung disease after being exposed to asbestos. According to the prosecutor, the blame falls heavily on the company’s shoulders, as the workers in the Milan factory were not properly protected.

500,000 euros were also awarded by the court, as damages for the family, but, as ANSA reports, many families reached a settlement outside the institution.

The corporate lawyers at Pirelli said that they are going to appeal the decision.

Not long ago, Pirelli’s name was dragged into another occupational safety lawsuit. The company was fined £150,000 after an employee was trapped for more than 2 hours in an industrial autoclave, leading to his death.