The real life effects of Asbestos featured in a short film at Sydney Film Festival

‘Under Skin, In Blood’ is a 12-minute short film made by Larissa Behrendt, an Aboriginal Professor of Law at the University of Technology Sydney, premiered in mid-June at the Sydney Film Festival, in the section called ‘Pitch Black Shorts. The film depicts the impact of asbestos mining in the community of Baryulgil.

Baryulgil was a major asbestos mine between 1950’s and 1970’s and the impact of this resulted in more than 20% of the inhabitants suffered or are still suffering from asbestos related diseases.

Placing a fictional couple in the middle of the real life circumstance surrounding the impact of the mine on the community, Behrendt’s aim of the film was to highlight the shocking history of the mine and its local inhabitants, a story which she wants to be known by as many people as possible. The basic premise of the film the real experience and ruined their lives of Aboriginal workers at the Baryugil mine.