Where is asbestos found in asbestos containing materials?

We’ve written a lot about asbestos containing materials and we constantly advise you to keep away from asbestos, to not disturb containing materials in any way and to call a professional for advice if you suspect you have asbestos in your home or work environment. But where exactly the asbestos is located in asbestos containing materials we will describe in this article.

When experts look for asbestos they search in some specific places if there is suspicion that it may be present. Did you know that there are over 3000 products that contain asbestos? The number is frightening and it should make us more aware and more concerned about the construction materials that our home or apartment is built of.

Air Conditioning

In air conditioning devices, asbestos will more likely be found around the heating elements.

Carpet underlay

Not only that it can be found in carpet underlay, but it can also be found in the composition of the glue used to fix the carpet on the floor.


Have you heard of popcorn ceilings? Well, that is where you are most likely to find asbestos. So if you do have them in your house and you’re not the one who put them there, call a professional to conduct an asbestos survey.


This item will be found around objects that need thermal insulation - a fire cabinet or flues for example. It’s well-known that asbestos was considered to be such a miraculous material because it’s fire proof.

Electrical backing boards

An expert might find asbestos when looking into an electrical backing board within a fuse box.

Cement sheets

Cement sheets are one of the most commonly used materials that contain asbestos. They are used both for the interior and the exterior.


This also is one of the most used asbestos containing materials, implicitly, most dangerous. It’s one of the first places where experts will look when surveying the house.


Along with pipes and ceiling, roofs are the most common places where you can find asbestos.

Now that you have an idea where asbestos can hide, don’t try to find it by yourself. It’s wiser to call a team of specialists that will perform a full asbestos survey safely without putting your health in jeopardy.