Property Managers in Australia now have an asbestos guide

Finally here’s a good news, but it would be even better news if this approach was to be adopted in all countries and by all real estate agencies.

In Australia, property managers have an obligation towards their clients, this means a legal duty of cares to their clients, employees and the tradesmen they hire.

The asbestos guide released by the NSW Government highlights what these managers should do in order to make sure that everyone accessing or working in the properties they represent will not be exposed to asbestos.

“They also have a commitment to act honestly, fairly and professionally at all times plus disclose whether a property contains loose-fill asbestos to prospective buyers and tenants,” explains Dave Owens, chair of the government’s loose-fill asbestos task force. He also says that: “If the agent becomes aware that loose-fill asbestos is present or suspects it may be present, the agent should take steps to ensure the health and safety of their workers, clients and anyone else who may come onto the property.”

Well done, Australia! This is an important step towards a healthier country.