Canada’s first online asbestos registry

It is generally well known that Canada is one of the countries where asbestos is still mined and exported. It is not used domestically in Canada, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Canadians are safe from exposure.

There are a number of locations in Canada where the government is active in trying to ensure that the public are not harmed by this substance.

Saskatchewan is a central province where the provincial government has launched an online registry for asbestos and has also established a committee to help the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety with information on asbestos issues.

The registry was launched at the very beginning of May and it’s the first of its kind in Canada. It was created for and it’s meant to ensure the health and safety of all those who work in an asbestos threatened environment. This registry will allow those who search on the website to find both the buildings that contain asbestos materials, as well as ascertain what type of asbestos is present in them. It is also available to public building owners who can update the the website with details of the asbestos in their buildings.

The committee will be responsible for handling communications with the public and with the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace safety. Today’s members include the Ministry of Health, trade councils and health agencies’ representatives whose job it is, is to make sure this committee will function as planned.